Rehabilitation of patients is important: Haya

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Rehabilitation of patients is important: Haya Asma Ali Zain / 31 January 2014 Princess Haya says all the hard work on getting a patient over an acute injury is almost wasted if the patient is not rehabilitated and integrated back into society. A needs assessment should be conducted before establishing specialised centres in the country said Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, wife of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Princess Haya among the delegates at the Leaders Healthcare session at the Arab Health 2014 in Dubai on Thursday. — KT photos by Grace Guino She was addressing the session on Leaders Healthcare on the concluding day of Arab Health 2014, on Thursday. Princess Haya said healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses have become so much specialised in certain areas that they have neglected the basics of general care. “One of the areas most neglected is rehabilitation. Patients often receive excellent and acute care but limited rehabilitation … all that hardwork, getting a patient over an acute injury is almost wasted if the patient is not rehabilitated and integrated back into society where they can live a normal life and contribute to the country,” she added. “We have made significant advances in healthcare since last we met. The Al Jalila Foundation, a non-profit organisation launched in 2013, is mandating the UAE as a centre of excellence and research. Additionally, the groundwork for specialisation in healthcare has more than strategically paved by the new Insurance Law which comes into force in Dubai this year and will provide healthcare cover for all our residents,” she said. “We continue to produce standards of specialist nurses and soon will establish the University of Medicine and Health Sciences and the University Hospital at Dubai Healthcare City.” Also, this month, His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid chaired a session to boost healthcare and education. They endorsed cancer and early detection programmes, a national database for all medical records and certain measures tackling obesity and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, she added. “Before we set up a system, we must understand the advantages and disadvantages of specialisation. So, how do we get better outcomes at reduced costs? First is by specialisation. By building speciality hospitals, healthcare workers are exposed to a large number of patients with the illness in question which otherwise will rarely be seen by these individuals. With the increased numbers of treatments comes the early recognition and signs and symptoms, institutions of treatment, better timed diagnostics and interventions for improved outcomes. “Furthermore by allowing physicians to share in efficiency gains through ownership, speciality hospitals may create more powerful incentives to achieve other costs and quality improvements. So how do we fare in the UAE with regard to specialist hospitals? Most hospitals in the region, especially in the UAE were established as general hospitals that have been changed for a particular specialty over time, she said in her speech. “In order to succeed, we must conduct a proper needs assessment for our population that will identify the most prevalent incidences of diseases among our population allowing us to concentrate on resources and establishing well designed, well-staffed and well-equipped specialised centres such as was the intention of the Al Jalila Speciality Hospital.” No project should be allowed without a detailed assessment so as not to waste our precious resources.” “We must realise that there will be diseases that are too rare for us to treat on our own. We will require local and at times international help to deliver the best possible care.” “We must not dilute our expertise by establishing competing facilities when the demand is low as this will reduce expertise.” Another challenge for our region is identifying how many specialised centres are required to serve our small populations, she added. “We must work together to limit sense expansion that dilutes our expertise.” For more news from Khaleej Times, follow us on Facebook at , and on Twitter at @khaleejtimes Continue reading →

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