Dubai’s record fireworks leave the world breathless

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Dubai’s record fireworks leave the world breathless (Muaz Shabandri 
) / 1 January 2014 A staggering 450,000 fireworks were launched in six minutes to set the new world record. Record fireworks at Palm Jumeirah on New Year. – KT photos by M. Sajjad and Shihab The world watched in awe as Dubai set a new world record for the largest ever firework display. A dazzling array of colours illuminated the night sky above the city as a staggering 450,000 fireworks were launched in six minutes to set the new world record. The grand show started with a unique pyrotechnic countdown around the Palm Jumeirah’s crescent. Reminiscent of the spectacular opening of Atlantis, The Palm, in 2008, the show once again put Dubai on the world map with people from all over the world coming together to celebrate the new year. Source: DowntownDubai channel via YouTube The spectacular show provided a perfect backdrop for thousands of parties hosted around the city as Dubai added its name to the record books once again. For tourists and residents, the pyrotechnic extravaganza was yet another reminder of Dubai’s success story. Choreographed to perfection, the islands of The World also lit up in the aura of sparkling lights. Each of the seven continents was represented in the celebration of oneness with the world map recreated using pyrotechnics. For Saviona Maitra, a tourist watching the show from Jumeirah beach, the show promised the best any city could offer. “There is no reason to be in any other city than Dubai. People come here and see something they cannot find in any other city of the world. It always lives up to the expectations,” said Saviona. The fireworks started at the Burj Khalifa as the iconic tower lit up in a brilliant show of colours and designs. For the next 15 minutes, thousands of people on Dubai’s beaches were entertained to more fireworks with the Burj Al Arab also providing stunning reflections of the galaxy of colours. The world record attempt started well after midnight, with the crescent lighting up at around 12:20pm after the shows at the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab were completed. More than 200 pyrotechnicians planned the show at Palm Jumeirah and the islands of The World for over 10 months and Phil Grucci, the show’s choreographer and man behind ‘Fireworks by Grucci’ had every inch planned to perfection. Watching the night sky turn into a canvas of colours from a viewing deck at the Burj Khalifa, Phil said: “It has been planned for several months and Dubai wanted to break the record with something spectacular. Today, the world can see the scale of the show.” Roads leading up to The Dubai Mall and Palm Jumeirah were choc-a-block with cars trailing for several kilometres. Sultan bin Sulayem, representing the government, received the certificate from Guinness World Record shortly after the fireworks were over as the new record now belongs to Dubai. The celebrations will go down as yet another memorable moment in the country’s history as Dubai etched a special place in the hearts of people who watched the show. Continue reading →

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