Outer London prime property becoming attractive to buy to let investors

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UK buy to let buyers are taking advantage of attractive mortgage rates and a thriving prime property market in outer London, especially new build schemes, it is claimed. Properties in this sector offer greater returns than the prime central London real estate market, according to London estate agent Fraser & Co. An example is Mrs Busby, 43, who bought a two bedroom property with her husband as a buy to let investment in the Aqua new build development in Finsbury Park. ‘The area is currently undergoing a 20 year regeneration plan, which makes for a promising long term investment,’ she said. ‘We looked at other developments in the area, but Aqua proved best value for money when considering the quality and its position overlooking the West Reservoir which meant it can’t be obstructed by any new buildings,’ she explained. She added that another attraction was that the property was part of a smaller development of just 82 apartments. ‘Being part of a smaller development creates healthy competition that will only benefit our property by increasing the re-sale profitability,’ she pointed out. The couple are establishing a property portfolio as part of their pension scheme and are taking note of the investment potential outside of prime central London. They felt that the area offers good transport links and new builds tend to be the safer option as most come with warrantees and require little maintenance. Robert Fraser, managing director of Fraser & Co, said that for years the buy to let market was dominated by Asian buyers but now more domestic buyers are showing interest in capitalising on the greater return on investment of property available in outer zones. ‘Where there is redevelopment and good transport links to central London, there is significant growth potential. While Aqua is benefitting from the regeneration going on in Finsbury Park town centre and at Woodberry Down, Rotherhithe is experiencing a double ripple effect from Canada Water and London Bridge, making Anchor Point equally attractive,’ he explained. He pointed out that last month, Southwark and Hackney experienced asking price growths of 5.6% and 4.1% respectively compared to Kensington and Chelsea and Camden which experienced either zero or negative growth. ‘As buy to let mortgages become more appealing, we expect to see domestic investors nipping at the heels of their international counterparts, allowing areas in zone 2 to continue to thrive and extend out towards zone 3,’ he added. Continue reading →

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