On a cultural trail at Global Village’s Yemeni pavilion

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On a cultural trail at Global Village’s Yemeni pavilion Staff Report / 1 January 2014 The Yemeni pavilion is turning into a main attraction for all those wanting to experience tradition and hospitality.   It’s a honey trap at the Yemeni pavilion at Global Village which also abounds in spices, dried fruits and nuts. Visitors can find fantastic deals for the wonderful treats that are sold in this pavilion. The smells that arise from the barrels filled with spices, honey, dried fruits and nuts, simply makes the Yemeni Pavilion a fantastic cultural experience. The Yemeni pavilion has always been one of the most popular at the Global Village, and this year it is turning into a main attraction for all those wanting to experience tradition and hospitality. The knowledge the vendors possess makes for an educational and entertaining visit. A culture trip The culture of Yemen is rich and diverse. It is a country that holds dear to the values of their forefathers which is why visitors will see the pavilion stall owners sporting the traditional Yemeni Jambiya, a curved knife.  The beautiful curved knives, and their bejewelled scabbards are just one of the many culturally significant items on sale at Global Village, as the pavilion also has a wide selection of Yemen’s national dress. The Yemeni Pavilion has, year on year, become renowned for the high quality of its honey. Visitors who talk with the knowledgeable vendors will find out that the honey being sold is remarkably good. The quality, taste, and colour of the honey can all change depending on the weather, time of year, and the type of flower that has been used by bees to make the honey. Some of the honey has nuts and seeds added to it for additional nutritional benefits, others have honeycomb in it to add a different texture. Spice up your life Heading over to the spice shops of this pavilion will bring you face to face with a uniquely sculpted Burj Khalifa, made entirely of spices. While sampling the fantastic honey around the Yemeni pavilion, visitors will notice their sense of smell tingling as aromas from the spice bins waft around the pavilion. Stocking up the pantry with some high quality spices and herbs is the best reason to visit the Yemeni pavilion. Amateur chefs will love the dried onion, fennel, cumin, and even frankincense, among many more high quality products. Vendors can also help visitors find out which of the all-natural oils — there are over 80 to choose from — is the best for them. The oils can be good for a number of ailments affecting the hair and skin, or the digestive system.   Antique jewellery The Yemeni pavilion also has a large pieces of jewellery decorated with precious stones and pearls. The vendors prove themselves to be fonts of knowledge and offering in-depth information on the antique rings and bejeweled necklaces. Many of the rings and necklaces have Yemeni produced Agate stones and Onyx set into them, with the beautiful colours of these natural Yemeni-found stones standing out against the copper and silver pieces. Experience one of the oldest cultures in the world and sample a traditional way of life through the exquisite art of honey making, spice selling and, fabulous pieces of jewelry made out of natural materials.                    news@khaleejtimes.com Continue reading →

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