Micro mansions set to become popular in UK, it is suggested

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Rising house prices, particularly in London, have left many people with little option but to opt for the most affordable, and sometimes smallest, home they can find, it is claimed. However, extra small living spaces or micro mansions are in fact highly sought after in many cities providing they are well designed and perfectly positioned, according to agents. In its Housing Futures report, national estate agents Strutt & Parker identifies the trend for this type of property as something we should expect to see a lot more of in the UK in the years to come. ‘Small can be beautiful. The micro mansion serves as the ultimate living solution for those who prize location over space. As urbanisation gathers pace around the world, central locations in the most sought after cities have become too expensive for the majority,’ said Stephanie McMahon, head of research at Strutt & Parker. She explained that dedicated tiny living spaces are not oddities that can be found in every city, where broom cupboards have been converted into some semblance of accommodation but carefully designed and well planned homes. ‘The rise of the micro flat looks set to mirror what has happened with modern technology. Everything in our homes will shrink as they become smarter and more compact,’ she added. Whilst proper micro mansions are not big in the UK as yet, they are far more common in Japan and the US. A micro mansion is 100 to 250 square feet, compared to a typical small bedroom flat of around 750 square feet. They often have the ceiling height to accommodate mezzanine sleeping spaces and are designed to be much like a boat with each component serving two of more uses. Typical features are under floor storage, pull down beds, steps that convert to chairs and sofas, and kitchen worktops that slide away after use. ‘Micro mansions have the potential to provide a viable solution to the UK’s housing crisis in crowded cities. They attract those requiring short term space, or who work in multiple locations and simply need a place to sleep. As our cities accelerate their pull on the global workforce, they will be increasingly popular,’ said McMahon. Continue reading →

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