Majority of UK buyers and renters would pay more for ideal home

Millions of buyers in the UK would pay more than they intended for the right home with 62% willing to go over their budget by 10%. Overall 43 million, 78%, would pay more and 62% would spend up to 10% more for their ideal property with those in London, Scotland and Northern Ireland most willing to do so. The 31 million willing to go over budget by up to 10% would find themselves paying some £28,000 more for a home or £912 more per year if renting, according to the research from Ocean Finance. Only one in four would not go over budget at all and 2% of people would be willing to go more than 20% over budget, adding a minimum of £56,000 onto the original purchase budget or £156 per month, £1,872 annually, onto rental payments. A breakdown of the figures show that 34% are willing to go up to 5% over budget, 28% 6% to 10%, some 7% would go 11% to 15% over their initial budget, 4% 16% to 20% and 1% 21% to 25% over. In Scotland and Northern Ireland some 79% are willing to pay more for their ideal home while 77% in London are also willing to do so. The research also shows that it is buyers under the age of 34 who are most willing to stretch their finances with 80% of young people saying they would increase their budget for the right home. ‘Whether we are renting or buying a property most of us have a budget that we can afford in mind. But three quarters of us are happy to ignore the budget and stretch our finances to get the home that ticks all our boxes,’ said Ian Williams, Ocean Finance spokesperson. Continue reading

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