Majority of home owners aged 55 and over in UK don’t want to downsize

Most people in the UK aged 55 and over have no intention of downsizing to a smaller property and it lack of suitable homes available that is putting them off, according to new research. Some 58% don’t want to move despite calls from the property and construction industry for more to be done to free up homes for first time buyers and second steppers, according to the research from My Home Move. For those that would consider downsizing a the lack of suitable properties and the costs involved in moving, including Stamp Duty, represent barriers to doing so. Some 46% of would-be downsizers want to move into a bungalow, while 20% are looking for a detached property while 52% want a property that is easier to manage and 21% want to release equity to help loved ones and enjoy life’s luxuries ‘The housing market has been suffering from a lack of stock for over 12 months, causing demand to outstrip supply time and time again. This has resulted in sky high house prices, instances of gazumping increasing and the Bank of Mum and Dad being called upon regularly to help first time buyers with their deposit,’ said Doug Crawford, chief executive officer of My Home Move. ‘Unfortunately, the findings from our survey suggest the situation is unlikely to ease; especially as 58% of those questioned have no intention of downsizing to release more top end properties onto the market anytime soon,’ he added. The survey also discovered that for the 25% who would like to downsize real and urgent barriers were stopping them from putting their homes on the market. Some 39% said there are not enough of the right kind of properties available to move into, 40% saw the costs involved in moving, including Stamp Duty Land Tax, as too prohibitive to consider moving now. ‘Despite the changes to Stamp Duty in 2014, the costs involved in moving can still tally into the thousands. This is especially true since the introduction of the 3% surcharge for additional properties. For those on a fixed income or heading towards retirement, it is not surprising that the financial reality is a stumbling block,’ Crawford explained. ‘We have seen stamp duty holidays for first time buyers in the past, so there is no reason the government couldn’t extend a similar scheme to downsizers, to help free up the market and get transactions moving,’ he pointed out. Continue reading

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