What is SEO

What is SEO?

Understanding SEO and Various SEO Services

With advancement of technology and the growing popularity of the Internet, everything is available online and all one needs to do is place the order online from the convenience of one’s home. From groceries to booking tickets and other shopping needs, Internet offers you all! This is not all; if you want to get information about anything, all you need to do is log on to the internet and type in the phrase in the search engine, such as Google and hundreds of related websites will be listed in front of you.

All businesses—small and large — have now realized that everyone today is using the internet for shopping and for finding information. Through strong online presence, one can take his business to new heights of success and it is SEO services that make it possible. It is important to understand why some sites get listed on the top of search engine listings. It is here that SEO services are of utmost importance as only a well-optimized website gets listed in top search engine listings.

Let’s understand what is SEO in detail!

Some of the most common questions about what is SEO that will be answered in this article are:

•What is SEO
•Why are SEO services important?
•What are SEO benefits?
•What s SEO used for?
•What is SEO services?

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. What is SEO means optimizing a website so that it gets listed in search engine result pages. In other words, SEO is a set of activities that are carried out by SEO experts on the website and on third-party websites with the aim to get the website listed in top Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). SEO activities that are done on the website are called on-page optimization activities whereas those that are done on third-party websites are called off-page optimization activities.

Why are SEO services important?
When a user performs any search, many pages are listed in a flash. One has the tendency to click only those listings that appear in the top 3 pages. Hardly anyone would go to the fifth or sixth page. Hence, to ensure more hits are received by the website through its listing in top search engine results, one needs to get the website optimized by experts.

So the simple answer to “What is SEO’s purpose?” is to make the website appear in top search engine result to ensure it gets more targeted traffic, which in turn would increase sales and popularity. To make your web page more visible and rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. SEO services are needed.

What is SEO used for?

If no one views the web page, the website becomes a bad investment as you do not earn anything from it. Thus SEO services are vital. More so, the competition on the internet is cut-throat since everyone wants that his website ranks well. For this they hire SEO services from a reputable SEO company. Only experienced SEO services providers know what to do and how to do it right.

On Page SEO Services include:

SEO Services #1: Keyword Research: Searching the right keywords is important as these are used in all on-page and off-page activities.
SEO Services #2: Content Writing & Optimization: Content is the King as far as what is SEO is concerned. It needs to be well-written and keywords-rich.
SEO Services #3: Meta Tag Optimization: Every web page must have important meta tags, such as title, description and keywords tag.
SEO Services #4: URL Optimization: The URL of every page must have a relevant keyword.
SEO Services #5: Image Optimization: Image alt tags must contain keywords as well.

Off Page SEO Services include:

SEO Services #6: Content Submission: This includes article submission, PR distribution, blog submissions, etc.
SEO Services #7: Link Building: This includes two-way and one-way link building. Search engines give a lot of weight to link building when listing websites.
SEO Services #8: Social Bookmarking: This again is a popular SEO service.
SEO Services #9: Social Media Marketing: Here marketing is done on Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, etc.
SEO Services #10: Blog Creation & Blog Commenting: Blogs are created and content is posted on them. Blog commenting is done of third-party relevant blogs.

What is SEO’s motive of choosing keywords for optimization?

A list of shortlisted keywords is used for various services related to What is SEO as end users use various keywords for searching. So what is SEO’s motive here? It is to get search engine rankings for all popular keywords. For this, one should optimize using relevant shortlisted keywords when carrying out SEO activities. The keyword has to be very relevant to the content and the characteristic of the web site and it is here that expert What is SEO service helps. For SEO single-word keywords face fierce competition and someone who knows what is SEO would know this too. It is thus better to choose two or three word phrase keywords. These keywords must define your web site to the best. Choosing popular keywords would attract more hits and thus improve search engine ranking via SEO service.

What is SEO marketing?

To get recognition of your website so that it is displayed in the first page of the search engines such as Google and Yahoo, a technique known as SEO has been developed. SEO service help your website in earning revenue, as there would be more users viewing your website because of the fact that it would be listed among top rankings.

What are the benefits of SEO services?
Here are a few benefits of what is SEO and how it functions-

•What is SEO benefit #1: To improve the ranking of your website in search engine’s listings by using the keywords intelligently.
•What is SEO benefit #2: To give useful information to the search engines about your site!
•What is SEO benefit #3: To reach potential customers and enhance search engine’s popularity.
•What is SEO benefit #4: To give information about what your web site is all about.
•What is SEO benefit #5: To improve search engine rankings. However, it is always recommended to make humble effort and climb the rankings gradually through what is SEO efforts.
•What is SEO benefit #6: To have a strong online presence.
•What is SEO benefit #7: To increase your website’s profitability.
•What is SEO benefit #8: To strengthen your website’s brand.
•What is SEO benefit #9: To increase your website’s sales.
•What is SEO benefit #10: To keep the end users updated.

With so many benefits, no website owner can avoid SEO service.

What is SEO’s contribution towards generating traffic?

Attracting targeted traffic is SEO’s primary motive. If you don’t opt for smart SEO service or techniques, the chances are that your website would be lost amongst countless other websites offering similar services. It is vital to understand the working of the search engines and basic concepts of what is SEO. Using keywords in content, meta tags, social media marketing, etc., increases traffic with reliable SEO services.

Promote your website by hiring reliable SEO service provider.

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