UK dream home is detached with three bedrooms and two bathrooms

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A three bed, two bathroom detached period property is the dream home for people living across the UK, according to new research. Most are looking for a detached home with this type of property topping a new survey by Leeds Building Society which found that 48.5% want this kind of place to live. Some 52.4% would like a home with three bedrooms and indeed 74.3% said this was a minimum requirement while 76.2% said that one bathroom is not enough and 56.2% saying that two bathrooms is a priority. When it comes to choosing a property the top feature was location, mentioned by 72.9%, followed by 68.5% saying that size mattered and 61.7% giving priority to a garden and outside space. Property layout was important for 56.2% and off street parking for 53.1%. The top feature that buyers were most prepared to compromise on was good interior decoration with 28.7% prepared to overlook this, followed by 23.6% on period features. Some 21.5% could compromise on a new kitchen, new bathroom and a fireplace while 21.2% were unconcerned about the property layout. No garden was the biggest turn off, cited by 35.3%, followed by no drive at 14%, an old heating system at 10.9%, a need for modernisation at 10% and stairs in the living room at 9.4%. ‘When home ownership appears to be a national obsession and there’s a mind boggling choice in types of properties to purchase, it’s perhaps surprising that our survey discovered so many people share the same view of what makes their dream home,’ said Martin Richardson, Leeds Building Society’s general manager for business development. According to Richard Sexton, director of business development for e.surv, it should not be a surprise that the key selling points of a property are those that can’t fundamentally be changed. ‘After all it’s relatively easy to redecorate, but impossible to move a building from one location to another. The findings reflect the fact that house hunters are generally aware of the difference between these categories and take a long term view on changeable factors to ensure they get their preference on the fundamentals,’ he added. Continue reading →

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