Taylor Scott International code of ethics for land use

With nearly 27,000 customers worldwide, Taylor Scott International has updated its code of ethics for land use and its business practices…

taylor scott international

1. Respect for the Land

Taylor Scott International knows that each parcel of land is a precious, distinct, and irreplaceable portion of this distinct and irreplaceable planet. Taylor Scott International will treat it with the respect that it deserves, recognizing that Taylor Scott International will be judged by the integrity and permanence of its developments, which will survive its lifetime.

2. Respect for the Profession
Taylor Scott International has pioneered many of the practices and techniques that have become the standards in the land use and development profession. Taylor Scott International will support the profession’s continuing efforts to create a wider understanding of sound land use and development principles and practices and to disseminate knowledge thereof through its research and educational programs. Taylor Scott International will observe the highest standards of professional conduct and will seek continually to maintain and improve my professional skills and competence.

3. Respect for the Consumer

Recognizing that a good reputation is a possession and beyond price and that the quality of its products Taylor Scott International will determine the quality of its reputation, and it will strive at all times to ensure the professional quality of its enterprise.

4. Respect for the Public

Taylor Scott International will endeavor at all times to enhance public understanding of the development process, to preserve the public’s confidence and trust in its profession, and to protect the public welfare.

5. Respect for Equality of Opportunity

Taylor Scott International will support the private enterprise system that can provide the widest latitude of equality for opportunity, creativity, and innovation.

6. Respect for Others in the Land Use and Development Profession

Taylor Scott International will treat others in its profession fairly and honestly. Taylor Scott International will share with them its knowledge and experience, recognizing that both the people and the land will benefit from the dissemination of that knowledge.
7. Respect for the Larger Environment
In attempting to provide adequate staging for decent environments in which people will live, work, and play, Taylor Scott International will be ever vigilant toward preserving the quality of the larger environment-the air, the water, and the land.

8. Respect for the Future

Recognizing that change is inevitable, Taylor Scott International will pursue excellence with an open mind, challenged by the need to provide housing and facilities for employment, distribution, relaxation, and enjoyment.

9. Respect for Future Generations

Recognizing that younger generations will be more affected by what we do than by what we say, Taylor Scott International will do its utmost to set a good example and will participate wholeheartedly in the development community’s efforts to inform and encourage future generations of land use and development professionals.

10. Respect for Personal Integrity

Taylor Scott International will employ the highest ethical principles and will observe the highest standards of integrity, proficiency, and honesty in its professional and personal dealings. Taylor Scott International will remain free of compromising influences or loyalties and will exercise due diligence in ensuring that its performance is at all times creatively, competently, and responsibly managed.

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