Rents in Scotland show no rise, latest index shows

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Residential rents in Scotland have begun to plateau as growth cools off in urban centres but are still at an all-time record high of £549 per month. In July there was no change in the average rent and there has been a down turn in annual growth, according to the latest buy to let index from lettings agent network Your Move. Scottish rents are now 2.8% higher than a year ago, however this slowed from 3.1% in the year to June, after a prolonged period of accelerating rent rises in the first half of the year. ‘We reached a tipping point in July. Rents in Scotland have been building to a crescendo so far in 2015, and rent rises have been quickening their step. But now we’ve reached a mid-point in the year, the rental market has clearly paused for breath,’ said Brian Moran, lettings director at Your Move Scotland. ‘Tenants will be relieved for now, but only time will tell whether we’ve reached a fork in the road for the private rented sector, or whether rent growth will start to ramp up again as autumn approaches, and the age old disparity between available homes and those looking to rent rears its head again,’ he pointed out. He explained that the record rents are not necessarily found in areas where they would expect to be. ‘With the severe squeeze on housing in the cities, households are casting their nets much more widely for places to live, which is driving somewhat of a renaissance in the more affordable areas of Scotland. And rental prices are holding up a mirror to this nationwide demand for homes,’ said Moran. A regional breakdown of the figures show that rents are higher than a year ago across the country while they are at an all-time high in the East, the Highlands and Islands and the South of Scotland. The average monthly rent in the Highlands and Islands has increased at the fastest rate over the past year, up 5.4% since July 2014 to reach a record £568 per month. Compared to a year ago, the East of Scotland has witnessed a 3.8% rise, bringing the average monthly rent to a historic peak of £531. Rents in the South, while still the cheapest location in Scotland to rent, now stand at £513 per month on average, after a 2.7% rise year on year. But rent growth in Scotland’s foremost urban centres appears to be on a cooler trajectory. In Edinburgh and the Lothians the typical monthly rent is now 1.8% higher than in July 2015, while Glasgow and Clyde has witnessed a 1.7% yearly climb in rental prices. Average rents in both these regions are below past peaks. On a monthly basis, rents have increased across four of the five regions of Scotland, one fewer than last month. The only region to experience a fall in rents during July was Glasgow and Clyde, where average rents dropped 1.5% during the… Continue reading →

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