Office spaces turn into sleeping quarters?

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Office spaces turn into sleeping quarters? Afkar Abdullah / 23 March 2014 Sharjah residents urge municipality to take action against companies that let staff to sleep in the office during night. Residents of Sharjah are facing a peculiar problem: Some companies are renting offices in residential buildings so that staff can sleep there during the night. Residents have urged the Sharjah Municipality to take action against such companies. Residents complained that companies use the space as offices in the day time and allow office boys and some other employees to use them as sleeping quarters to cut costs and avoid providing employees with transport and residence. According to an official at the Sharjah Municipality, they had put an end to this practice some time ago. “It has come to our notice that (some) companies rent offices on the first and mezzanine floors in (residential) buildings and the staff there use them as accommodation quarters during the night. In addition to companies, some supermarkets and salons are allowing workers to sleep on the premises, despite the law forbidding it,” said the official. Loui Farman, a resident of Al Yarmouk, said the workers of a car rental company sleep in the company’s offices in their building. “They create a ruckus at night and disturb the tenants. The practice must be stopped as it is not safe for families.” Mohammed Khalaf, a resident of Al Qasimia, said some employees of a company sleep in their office in his building. “They keep their lights on and walk in the corridor in their pajamas … These companies must follow the rules and regulations to ensure safety for residents.” An official at a real estate company said they have issued warnings to companies that allow their staff to sleep in spaces rented out as offices. Ali Ahmed Mohammed, Director of Tenancy Contract Attestation Department at the Sharjah Municipality said offices are only for work purposes and not for accommodation. The municipality, he said, is carrying out inspection campaigns targeting such practices. “The municipality will impose hefty fines on those found violating the rules and allowing their workers to sleep in a unit that is meant for commercial and business purposes. We urge building managements and landlords to report such practices by calling on 993,” Mohammed said. For more news from Khaleej Times, follow us on Facebook at , and on Twitter at @khaleejtimes Continue reading →

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