Home sellers likely to benefit from new UK property tax rules as well as buyers

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House sellers in the UK could be set to save £213 million a year to the tune of almost £7,500 each, according to research by property website Zoopla. The reform of the stamp duty property tax which took effect today will remove ‘dead zones’ that existed before each previous Stamp Duty band and see a more progressive approach adopted where buyers will only liable to the portion of the property’s value above each new level. In an analysis of property sales in the 12 months to May 2014, the firm reckons that 28,635 properties have been under priced in order to make them more appealing to buyers by avoiding steep jumps in stamp duty. Zoopla found that the number of property sales in the price bands immediately before an existing stamp duty threshold is significantly higher than expected, while the number of sales in the price band immediately after a threshold, the stamp duty dead zone, is considerably lower. ‘The new, graduated Stamp Duty system is a long overdue overhaul to what the Chancellor admitted was a poorly designed tax and represents a fairer system for the vast majority of home buyers,’ said Lawrence Hall of Zoopla. ‘It also means that those selling their home at certain levels are more likely to achieve the real value of their homes and won’t be forced to discount their properties to sneak under certain bands,’ he explained. ‘Unfortunately those buying property worth more than £937,000 may feel unduly penalised by the new reforms, but the new structure represents a more balanced system overall and a welcome alternative to the mansion tax plans that had been proposed,’ he added. As an example, a house purchased at £300,000 would have resulted in a £9,000 stamp duty bill. With the new system, a buyer will save £4,000 calculated as follows: 0% tax up to £125,000, 2% tax on £125,000 to £250,000 which is £2,500, 5% tax on the remaining £50,000, which is £2,500, leading to a total stamp duty bill of £5,000. Kevin Hollinrake, managing director of Hunters estate agents with 125 branches nationwide, said the firm has already had deals secured as a result of this change. ‘In our opinion, this is great news. For too long, stamp duty has distorted the market deterring sellers from marketing their homes and buyers from buying them in the dead zones above the key thresholds such as £250,000 and £500,000. This should mean more property coming onto the market, and therefore, more sales which is good for the housing market and the economy as a whole,’ he explained. There will be substantial savings for around three quarters of a million home buyers across England and Wales according to research from Savills as all buyers up to £937,000 will benefit. By contrast, around 17,000 transactions above a value of £937,000 will bear an increased stamp duty tax burden, undermining the case for any further taxation of high value property. ‘The change is likely to make the… Continue reading →

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