Average new tenancy monthly rental rate in UK almost £1,000, latest index shows

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The average rent on a new tenancy in UK cities in the second quarter of the year reached £956 a month or £747 excluding London, according to the latest home rental index. But in London alone it is £1,515 a month, some 10.1% higher than a year ago. The HomeLet rental index also shows that there have been increases in every region compared to a year ago. London is not alone in experiencing double digit rent price growth. While the majority of UK regions saw rent prices increase by less than 10% in the three months to June 2015, both the South East and South West of England saw rent prices rise by 11%. The index report has also analysed the movement of people who privately rent property, to and from the top UK cities by population. These new findings reveal detailed information including where tenants new to the area account for the largest proportion of new rental agreements. In the year to June 2015, the city with the highest percentage of new tenancies being signed by people moving into the area was Wakefield, with 28% of new tenancies being signed by people moving to the city from elsewhere in the UK. It was closely followed by Coventry and Brighton. The figures also show how the movement of tenants has changed since the recession began in 2008 and how prices have changed. Since then average monthly rents have increased by 51% in London, by 25% in Brighton and by 21% in Coventry. The data shows that certain parts of the UK are registering a significant proportion of new tenancies from people moving to the area. In Wakefield and Coventry, for example, more than a quarter of tenancies signed over the past 12 months were taken on by people moving to these cities. These are not necessarily the locations registering the largest quantity of incomers by number; however, they are the cities to which more people are moving as a proportion of new tenancies signed. Some cities have seen significant increases in the proportion of new tenancies being signed by incomers to the area, since the recession. Wakefield and Coventry have seen these figures rise by 7% and 4% respectively since 2007/2008. However, it is Greater London that has seen the largest increase, with 18% of new tenancies signed by people moving in to the capital to rent, compared with 11% in 2007/2008. Movement out of the capital has also reduced since the recession, with the number of new tenancies signed outside of London by people who have left the capital dropping by 5% Since 2007/2008 from 17% to 12%. The index also reveals the UK cities in which tenants are most likely to choose to stay, by analysing the proportion of tenancies being signed by people who have previously lived elsewhere in the same city. It… Continue reading →

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